The Who, What, and Why of Me

To whom it may concern,

Today is June 3rd, 2015, and this is my first blog post. The first of many to come. I find it would be best to tell you, my hopefully someday faithful readers, who I am and what I am trying to do here, but most importantly, why I am writing this blog. So without further adieu, let’s hop to it.


Who: First off, my name is Joe Brichetto and I am a 19 year old college student at the University of Maine at Farmington. My major is Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Sciences, which is a high school history teacher, but my major is subject to change (more on that later). I live with my family in Bangor, ME, and have lived here for all of my life. I am employed through the local Y at an outdoor, overnight camp for the summer and once I return to school, I will be gainfully employed as an employee of a program called Mainely Outdoors, where I will plan and lead hikes, snowshoe excursions, etc. My non-gaming hobbies include road cycling, playing ultimate frisbee, playing ukulele poorly, and working to feed my video game and amiibo addiction. The thing that brought me to start this blog, though, is gaming. My bread and butter system is the 3DS, which is where I spend most of my time gaming. Recently, my PS4 has been getting an above average amount of attention, and I also own a Wii U and a Vita that have been getting spurts of play time here and there. I have also started dabbling in Hearthstone, and I’m totally addicted. I really want to reach out and broaden my gaming horizons, so I would love to play with the community. If you would like to play/compete with me, you can find my gamer information here. The name Mayor_of_Paradise comes from my game of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. For those who have not played, your character is the mayor of your city and I named my city Paradise so thusly, Mayor of Paradise.

What: I am here first and foremost to write about video games. I have had a lot of ideas and hypothetical thoughts about games and the industry, so I’ve decided it is about time to actually write down my thoughts, share them, and hope you like them. Currently, I am just going to write about games and the industry. Reactions to news and something I have decided to call ‘My Thoughts’, which will be review-esque because I don’t need to be as critical with them as large media outlets do. They can be older games, ‘My Thoughts’ will be based on the order that I play games, not necessarily the newest releases. Expect many of review like posts soon. Aside from reactions and reviews, there are other ideas I have for recurring pieces and individual, essay-like posts. While right now I am only large enough to justify blog posts, I have ambitions to make videos, Lets Plays and conversations, and maybe even a podcast.


Why: This was explained to a small degree in the ‘What’ section, but I feel I have unique, hopefully interesting ideas that will make for content that people will enjoy reading. But the real reason I want to write about video games is because I someday want to work for IGN. Working for IGN is my dream job and, to me, nothing would make for a more fulfilling life than being a part of the media. Currently with my major, my plan is to become a teacher, not something I would hate, but not what I want most. I have to wait and see how some of the chips fall with outside life events, but there is a good chance that I will be changing my major to English with a minor in History come Spring 2016. If I end up changing my major, than a career in the game’s industry will be my primary end goal. In the case of a major change, I want to start building a portfolio so after I graduate I have years of content to show and use in my favor when applying.

Well there, now you know all about me. Sound off in the comments so I can learn bout you! Also, if you feel so inclined, please follow me on Twitter. I would be forever in your favor!

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