E3 Day 0 Impressions: Smash Bros., NWC, Bethesda

Hello Hello! I’m super sore and super tired from working/anticipation, so I’m just going to bullet point my thoughts. Easy for me and quick for you so I hope you enjoy!

Smash Bros.

  • There must be a pit in Nintendo’s stomach when your big surprise announcements are all leaked the day before, especially for Sakurai. He was the one who spearheaded these characters coming to Smash so I feel he should be the one to announce them, not a hacker.
  • Roy is an interesting looking character. I’m not super jazzed that we get another clone for DLC, but he does have some subtle differences so I’m not against him.
  • The Mii outfits look nice, but not nice enough to pay for. I don’t play, or even care for, the Mii Fighters to be interested in these. The Virtua Fighter outfits were the most weird because the series hasn’t appeared on a Nintendo console since 2004 or any console since 2012. Seems too niche to be a costume, a character may make more sense, but honestly Smash could have probably just skipped Virtua Fighter.
  • The Mii amiibos are odd. The look of them is so generic and I feel it is going to be weird having a Mii that doesn’t resemble me on my shelf. I would love for custom Mii amiibos with more than one save slot to be a thing, but Nintendo has more pressing issues with amiibo to deal with first.
  • The rest of the wave 5 amiibos look really well designed, especially the ones that were revealed: R.O.B, Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game & Watch. The swappable poses for Game & Watch are great in theory, but I don’t understand why he is the only one to receive different poses. The alternate poses break the continuity because the rest of the Smash amiibos are based off of the character art, not in-battle poses, so the alternate poses will likely just sit around my house, assuming they are pack in with the Game & Watch amiibo.
  • DLC stages have a lot of potential, but I’d rather buy original stages, not OG stages, even though it looks like we are getting more remastered stages.
  • The concept of the Miiverse stage is dynamic and interesting. I feel it will promote positivity throughout the community, and who doesn’t love that?
  • Tournament mode returns and looks to take advantage of a stronger, on-line infrastructure for online tournaments. New ways to play are cool and I feel like it will run smoothly. Would love for amiibos to participate in local and/or on-line tournaments.
  • From the first time Ryu was leaked in the sound files of the Mewtwo update, I thought his inclusion would be odd and out of place. I was convinced otherwise in the Direct. Because he is a more mechanically deep fighter than any other character, it makes him a more valuable piece of DLC. I feel like I’m getting more out of him than any other character plus introducing a character/stage bundle makes buying him essentially a no brainer.
  • I was blown away when it was announced that all the content was available today, more so than I should have been. Looking back, it was somewhat obvious that all the content would come that day. Due to the high influx of traffic, I didn’t get the characters until 4p.m. ET, but hype/work kept me occupied.

Nintendo World Championships 2015

  • Pre-show content was engaging. Yoshi’s Woolly World looks to be a very solid platformer, but I still haven’t gotten over the aesthetic. I don’t care much for the soft, yarn theme of the game.
  • Earthbound Beginnings (Mother) may take the cake for most left field announcement of E3 and E3 hasn’t even officially started.
  • The hosts and commentators are really professional. I appreciate it.
  • Splatoon matches were incredibly close but still weren’t really grabbing my attention.
  • Blast Ball looked a lot like a Metroid game and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, any kind of Metroid game would be great, but I never considered a 3D Metroid game on 3DS and after giving it some thought, it’s not really what I want from the series. I’m also afraid that Nintendo won’t give us a Metroid game, but will give us Blast Ball. I can see us getting an eShop release of just the galactic, bot soccer game, which I think would be addictive, but we all really need a Metroid game.
  • Hungry Box could have beat Reggie with grace, but was instead a dick. Reggie must have been prepared for that because his comeback shut HackBot down and quite possibly made him question his life choices. I laughed for a very long time.
  • The Mario Maker name change was ambiguous but had enough dramatics to hype up the title.
  • The Super Mario Maker created levels for the finale were fantastic publicity for the game, convinced me that this game is now a Day 1 buy. I imagine the levels that were used in the finale will be featured in the Mario Maker community at some point.
  • Congratulations to John Numbers, The 2015 Nintendo World Champion!


  • Doom dropping the ‘4’ and rebooting the series seems like a good idea. The game instantly reminded me of Halo in many ways, all of them good. The game itself looks like it could get repetitive really quick, but my guess is the game won’t focus on story so much as the bro-out action. Multiplayer may be great but not my cup of tea. Spring 2016 is a good time for Doom, I feel it would be neglected if it came in the fall.
  • Doom Snapmap really impressed me. The level of immersion and customization blew me away, but I likely won’t ever use it. Creative people will someday do great things with it.
  • Battlecry got the shaft because I feel like a game from that genre needs more time to demo and Battlecry didn’t get it. Doesn’t look like a game I’m going to keep on my radar.
  • Dishonored 2 looks impressive and I really want to play it, but I skipped the first game and the second looks highly contingent on the first game, which will deter some people from the game, but Bethesda, being the incredibly smart studio they are, is releasing a definitive edition of the first Dishonored. I feel the definitive edition will hold me over until the second one comes around in what I’m guessing will be late 2016. Bethesda definitely knows how to get the most money they can out of me.
  • I’m not an MMO guy, but I would like to get into that area of gaming with Elder Scrolls Online. Being a non-PC gamer, it looks like a great place to start and Bethesda is promising more content in the future, so it looks like an all around solid MMO.
  • Skyrim Legends (read Skyrim Hearthstone) is too early to pass judgement upon, but I do have concerns that it may come too late and there may not be enough room in my heart for this new game. But hey, it could be amazing and dethrone Hearthstone, only time can tell. Either way, I’m going to check it out.
  • How funny you think you can leave without giving us Fallout 4. Get over here Todd Howard!!!
  • Fallout 4: Obviously, the world looks amazing and the story already has me hooked. Everything about this game looks super smooth and overall fantastic. I’m unsure about the dog companion right now, having him fetch items looks like it will take longer than getting the item yourself. On the flip side, he looks useful in combat and I trust that Bethesda will use him in interesting ways.
  • The customization available in Fallout 4 is insane. The lengths I can go to make my bases and weapons my own are astounding and it guarantees that each player will have a truly unique and immersive experience with Fallout 4. I predict that Bethesda will hit the perfect balance by creating a game that you can talk about with your friends, the missions and story will be the same so you can enjoy sharing the overarching story and mission details with your friends, but how you complete a specific mission will be different based on the individual.
  • Fallout Shelter cuts the bullshit trends of the mobile market and gives everyone a game for free and lets players run wild. I have never appreciated a developer more than Bethesda for bucking that trend.

Day 0 has me super hyped for the rest of the show. Nintendo got some announcements out of the way that makes me feel like their Direct is going to be all about new games. The NWC was just a ton of fun and brought life to E3. I hope they annualize the competition. For their first conference, Bethesda knocked it out of the park and set the bar really high for the rest of the show. Every game they showed looks like they will have significant value and I gladly look forward to giving them my money.

So what did you think of Day 0 of E3. Sound off in the comments below or shout at me on Twitter!

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